About Us

The Women Leader’s Association is a non-governmental organization officially registered under no. 787. It began operations in 2018 under the umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Beirut and Mount Lebanon before becoming an independent entity a year later. 

WLA is inspired by Lebanese women and their resilience and strives to involve them in various activities to consolidate their position in the national economy.

Our Mission

Through our shared experiences, values and knowledge, WLA strives to integrate Lebanese women in decision making while highlighting their driving force in economic, social and cultural environments.

Our Vision

To provide a platform of opportunities for Lebanese women to strengthen their position in diverse fields and equip them with versatile tools to change the status quo in the economic and social sectors. We lead and inspire through a powerful women lobby that supports and helps bring their ambitions and plans to life.


  • Integrate pioneering Lebanese women to play an active role in the economic, social, and cultural sectors of Lebanon.
  • Appeal to women in the Gulf to raise funds and invest in women’s economic empowerment by ensuring new job opportunities.
  • Enhance women’s economic opportunities in order to ensure effective participation in strategic decisions related to the economy in key public institutions, the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, Economic Bodies, Parliament, and other influential authorities
  • Recognize and shape the Lebanese women persona all over the world through their knowledge, experience, values, and positive impact on society.
  • Establish an agile community that is up to date with worldwide and fast-paced economic trends, to appoint women as pioneers in the Middle East and Gulf region and all over the world through specialized and professional coaching sessions. 
  • Collaborate with similar initiatives worldwide and create mutual leagues.
  • Sustain an effective lobby group to influence all government ministries in alignment with the Chamber’s vision.

Potential Committees






Rural Development

Communication & Media

Healthcare & Prevention

Coaching & Training

Human Rights & Legislation

Science & Technology

Events & Conferences



Human Resource

Creative & Culture

Youth & Sports

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