Ana Lubnaniya Arabia Expo Dubai

WLA created Ana Lubnaniya Arabia conference to be a place for meeting, sharing, exchanging experiences and ideas, and providing support to every aspiring woman in our Arab world, while highlighting new investment opportunities. Ana Lubnaniya Arabiya was an interactive conference that took place in EXPO Dubai 2020 which promises to bring new opportunities in trade […]

Women in Tourism

“Women in the Tourism” brought together a number of active women figures in the economic and tourism fields, the Women’s Leaders Association (WLA), in cooperation with “Chateaux  Ruwais”-Chnnair, honored Lebanese women by paying tribute to the spirit of “Lady Cochrane” (Yvonne Sursock), the pioneer in the field of preserving heritage houses in Beirut, and who […]

Change Maker Festival

It was the largest educational event focusing on women and youth issues in the Middle East. This festival aims to give women and youth greater opportunities by providing them with multiple educational workshops, meetings with global leaders and influencers, competitions worth $300,000 for women and youth (in the field of arts, writing, etc.), an exhibition […]

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