She Leads

“She Leads” is an executive 2 days program for women designed to shed light on important business aspects that would facilitate women’s breakthrough and effective roles at the top levels of organizations. Structured around presentations by trailblazers from the business world along with internationally renowned experts, the sessions involve practical work allowing for great networking opportunities and learning based on real-life occurrences.

Learning Objectives

• Identify and understand the challenges that C-level women face and the means to overcome them.

• Equip women with the strategic skills needed to make successful management decisions.

• Develop the communication and negotiation skills needed to have impactful interventions.

The first version took place on the 25th and 26th of May 2023 at the USEK university and included 5 modules which are: Women in Leadership, Governance and Women at the Top, Personal Branding, Investment Decisions and Growth, and Negotiation Strategies.


  • Mr Carlos Ghosn
  • Ms Jumanah Zabaneh
  • Mr Eli Khoury
  • Mr Adel Afiouni
  • Mr Roger Darouni


• C-level women

• Senior managers aspiring to take on C-level roles

• Entrepreneurs with 5 years of proven experience in the field

• Women in large, family-owned businesses with seats on boards or executive committees

Selection Criteria

• English proficiency

• CV review by the selection committee

• Selection interview

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