Master Yourself Workshop

A successful and promising launch for the “Master Yourself” program in collaboration between the Women Leaders Association (WLA) and a team of experts.

The Women Leaders Association (WLA) organized a workshop titled “Master Yourself” in collaboration with trainers Emad Salman, Zeina Al-Daroub, and Suzanne Talhouk. The workshop took place on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at the lecture hall of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Beirut.

The introductory workshop marked the beginning of a transformative journey aimed at providing a harmonious balance between the external business world and the internal challenges faced by women business leaders. In this context, the president of the association, Mrs. Madiha Raslan, delivered a welcoming speech, expressing gratitude to the trainers. She emphasized the importance of this training program in light of the current challenges facing the country in general and its impact on leading businesswomen in particular.

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